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Duly incorporated in the Federal Republic of Nigeria

A certified money lender complying with other statutory regulatory compliance; we are into trading in all ramifications, Agriculture, Real Estate, Investment, Transportation and Oil and Gas services.

We have investment plans for different strata and persons of the societies that make it easy for anybody to earn a minimum profit from 5% (per cent) and above monthly.

Investment Scheme

the investor only receives 5 per cent to 7 per cent interest monthly

Depending on the invested sum for the duration of 12 months. Upon the completion of the said 12 months, the capital shall be returned to the investor with an option of renewal.

Solid Financial Support

For Businesses & Indiviuals


DCI loan is open to all bankable adults with secured and verified collateral

Whether business, personal or salary advance loan. Our loan is your preferred platform for your    prompt and less bureaucratic procedure.

All loans from DCI shall attract a non-negotiable minimum interest rate of 10%, depending on the duration of the loan, the principal and interest shall be repaid on an equal proportion monthly into the company’s designated account.

 Interest on these loans are one of revenue-generating Avenue for DCI and through these profits, we service and pay our investors their monthly interest on investment.

Savings Account

Save to Invest, will help you save bits of cash till it's big enough to Invest.

Save 0 to 100,000
Not everyone has the basic to get started,
but ‘Save To Invest’ has your back.

Savings do NOT go beyond 100,000 naira. At this point you are ready to invest.

No fixed deposit amount ; you can save any amount at anytime as you get it.

And in no time start earning healthy returns on your investment.

You can cancel your savings any month you feel like. Our standard policy on early withdrawal applies.

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To be a world class and reputable financial solution company in Nigeria and beyond.